NEW - Menstrual swimwear

£49.99 £69.99

The Neyllo menstrual swimming costume has finally arrived! You can go worry-free all season long at the beach or at the pool during your period. The Neyllo swimming costume features our built-in super absorbent layers and leak-proof technology (won't swell in water), so you can swim or just lounge in the sand all day long. Our menstrual swimming costume is designed specifically for aquatic activity, retaining blood within its inner layers without leaking into the water. Take advantage of our special introductory price.

- It incorporates an absorbent lining and can be worn with or without additional protection.
- No tampon required.
- Holds up to 3 tampons for protection.
- Won't swell in water!
- Dri-tech mesh helps stop all front, side and back leaks.
- Organic cotton lining - odour free, plastic free and easy to wash!